In the Rebel’s Bed


IN THE REBEL’S BED is the first in a planned series of new publications from romance legend Charlotte Lamb.

The first titles will be selected from her extensive historical romance portfolio (originally published under the pseudonyms Sheila Holland, Sheila Coates, Sheila Lancaster), then re-edited, repackaged, and even retitled for a brand-new Lamb readership to discover.

cardo lavenderia font lamb in the rebel's bed_1_1_1

Anna is in terrible danger, and not just at the hands of revolutionaries in Paris. She cannot understand her attraction to Dr Charles Buccoult. His behaviour is so wild, so disturbing, and yet at times oddly tender. The man is a passionate revolutionary. He is also the despised enemy of her family. She ought to hate him. Instead, her feelings betray her.

This is a seduction Anna should run from, not crave. But as the powder keg of revolutionary Paris explodes around them, putting her trust in the dangerous doctor may prove her only hope of survival.

A provocative romance of the French Revolution from bestselling romantic novelist Charlotte Lamb, this is available digitally here for the first time.

Originally published under the title Shadows At Dawn with her historical pseudonym, Sheila Holland, this beautifully written novel launched a sparkling career that spanned three decades and encompassed more than 150 novels.


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