About Charlotte Lamb

Charlotte Lamb wrote over 150 novels in a writing career that spanned three decades. Her main body of work is contemporary romance, mostly for Mills & Boon Harlequin, but she also wrote historicals and full-length romantic suspense for other publishers, including her iconic novel, Walking in Darkness, for Penguin.

In the early years of her career, Charlotte Lamb wrote intense short stories for women’s magazines, followed by lavish historicals for Robert Hale and other publishers. A few of her contemporary romances have since been converted to manga comic books by Harlequin, and her earliest novels are now being re-edited and repackaged for a new generation of Lamb readers.

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Lamb changed pen-name frequently, mainly to help readers differentiate between sub-genres and writing styles, but also for contractual considerations. This means she published variously over the years as Charlotte Lamb, Sheila Holland, Sheila Coates, Sheila Lancaster, Victoria Woolf, Laura Hardy etc.

Most new editions of her earlier books will be republished under her best-known name of Charlotte Lamb.

Until this new website has been completed, you can read more about Charlotte Lamb on her Wikipedia page, along with a list of her books, mostly arranged chronologically by pseudonym.